Hands-on Course - Combining Proteomics and Genomics towards the Proteogenomics concept



This hands-on course will give the basics on proteomics and genomics envisaging the integration of their data through the proteogenomics concept.

Lecturers/instructors |

Jean Armengaud (CEA-Marcoule, France); Ana Varela Coelho (ITQB NOVA); Elsa Lamy (ICAAM); Marcos Ramos (CEBAL-ICAAM)

Registration fee |

150 € (until 15th August)

200 € (16th August - 15th September)

Enrollment is limited to 16 participants

For any question, please contact:

(ecsl@uevora.pt) Elsa Lamy

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Omics approaches allow the collective identification, characterization and quantification of pools of biomolecules, extending the universe of compounds under study.

Integration of results coming from proteomics and genomics starts to be a reality, which expands the possibilities, in particular, for the study of non-model organisms. Proteogenomics grants the (re-) annotation of protein-coding nucleic acid sequences based on the empirical observation of their gene products.

Organização: ICAAM
De 26.09.2017 a 29.09.2017
09:00 | Pólo da Mitra da Universidade de Évora