1st Iberian Meeting on Agroecological Research (ibagreco2018) – “Establishing the ecological basis for sustainable agriculture

Ibagreco2018 is though to be the first meeting of agreco (the working group on agroecological research of the AEET) and will be held from 22nd to 23th of November 2018 in the World Heritage Site of Évora, Portugal.




Ibagreco2018 has been conceived to offer researchers an unique framework to share their cutting-edge ecological research on Iberian agroecosystems, and is intended to bring together research aimed to understand the ecological basis for sustainable agriculture.




Ibagreco2018 is open to ecological research from a broad range of topics, including (but not exclusively):

  • Agroecosystems as scenarios for the conservation of biodiversity.

  • The link between biodiversity and ecosystem functions and services.

  • The impact of farming practices on both biodiversity and associated ecosystem functions and services.

  • The link between agricultural ecosystem services and social and economic benefits.

  • Relationships between agroecosystems and the natural environment.

  • Development and use of tools for integrated biological and environmental monitoring and assessment.

  • Agroecological restoration.

  • Agroecosystems under global environmental change: ecological impacts, adaptations and mitigations.


You can already check all the information available about the meeting in the website: http://www.ibagreco2018.uevora.pt/.


We are looking for meeting you in Évora! Join us!

De 22.11.2018 a 23.11.2018
09:00 | Colégio do Espírito Santo