Solo, Água e Clima (MED)


A) Sustainable soil and water management and conservation systems

  • Olive Orchards Water Use and Irrigation Requirements
  • Horticulture Production and Efficient Use of Nutrients
  • Sustainable Soil Conservation and Soil Management Systems
  • Impacts of Climate on Agricultural Systems

B) Hydrology, hydraulics, and irrigation systems

  •  Hydraulics and Automated Control of Irrigation Canals
  • Intelligent Irrigation Systems Management
  • Hydrology, Planning and Management of Water Systems
  • Impacts of Climate on Water Systems

Linhas de Investigação

  • Influence of long-term soil tillage, residue management and external nutrient input on soil organic matter dynamics and overall soil fertility
  • Modelling of soil temperature variations to quantify rates of chemical and biological processes occurring in the soil (e.g., mineralization, humification, …)
  • Optimization of the use of irrigation water for intensive and super-intensive orchards and recommendation of sound irrigation scheduling techniques through the innovative approach of combining remote sensing information from multispectral satellites orbiting the earth and in situ bio-sensors placed in trees
  • Irrigation water management to optimize the ripening season and economical returns of horticultural crops
  • Optimization of the intelligent irrigation system under development
  • Study of the impact of climate change scenarios on irrigation water needs in the Mediterranean
  • Definition of universal flow controllers for irrigation canals and application of model predictive controllers to irrigation canals
  • Study of Climate Change impacts on southern Portugal water availability

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